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LLBA recognizes that Latinas bring tremendous talents and perspective to the practice of law, yet we face unique challenges as we attempt to succeed in the legal profession. In the twelve years since its formation, LLBA has worked diligently to provide Latinas with a community of support, together with specific resources and tools to allow them to achieve their greatest potential.

Our vision for LLBA is that of a home for all Latinas at every stage of their legal career. We are  committed to increasing our support for law students with much needed scholarships and to continuing LLBA’s excellent mentoring programs for new attorneys. We seek to further the diversity of our membership, bringing together attorneys from all levels of seniority, backgrounds and areas of practice, and to partner with other bar and professional associations, to provide a rich network of resources for Latinas. We hope that LLBA will encourage and challenge Latinas to share their successes with their communities, continuously giving back to those who follow them and those who need their help.

As we consider our hopes for Latinas, we are inspired and strengthened by the amazing achievements of Latinas.  Though we may not yet enjoy critical mass in our offices, firms or organizations, we are a large and growing group of committed, ambitious women with great potential and the future is full of unlimited possibility.  Thank you for supporting the work of LLBA. Juntas podemos.

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